Nowadays, spa is essential for physical and mental health. When spa is mentioned, most people view it as a relaxing spot to get rid of their physical and mental exhaustion including a variety of beauty care methods. Hence, spa offers many types of services. Location is another factor in spa management that can satisfy customers’ experience. It is a must for every spa to alter a house into all-purposed spa service by having “spa equipment” such as foot massage chair, Thai massage mattress, aroma  bed (oil bed), massage chairs for back, shoulder, and head, Yoga mats, spa equipment, etc.


T. Nanta (Spa), a producer-retailer-repair shop of spa equipment, well-known for quality production , successful domestic and international spa equipment retailing among this industry, vocational schools, beauty centers, and leading hospitals.
The products of T. Nanta (Spa) is certified by 5 star OTOP 2006 available for full-set product manufacturing and retailing of spa equipment, Thai massage, foot massage, and many more world-delivery premium quality products by the Ministry of Public Health’s Therapeutic License earning doctors.
We are experienced producers for more than 33 years (2001). Each product is produced based on anatomy where is a specialty of ours with the approved Therapeutic License, the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand.
We emphasize on the quality of the products as a symbol of T.Nanta (Spa). We aim to research and develop new products as well as provide one-stop service for the products which are internationally certified with global delivery. Our customers are our important individuals who should receive the best quality products.
Sofa Foot Massage Chair
Spa Massage Bed
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Thai massager can no longer rest once 100 from both Thai and foreign exhauster line up daily. “Dr. Pen” confirm full plan to impress foreigners. On 20 October 2003,

Spa equipment at the store with various types of services including consult for spa design and decoration.

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