Nowadays, spa is essential for physical and mental health. When spa is mentioned, most people view it as a relaxing spot to get rid of their physical and mental exhaustion including a variety of beauty care methods. Hence, spa offers many types of services. Location is another factor in spa management that can satisfy customers’ experience. It is a must for every spa to alter a house into all-purposed spa service by having “spa equipment” such as foot massage chair, Thai massage mattress, aroma  bed (oil bed), massage chairs for back, shoulder, and head, Yoga mats, spa equipment, etc.


    Acting Lt. Teerapol Saesow is an owner of the spa center of T. Nanta (Spa), a producer-retailer-repair shop of  spa equipment, well-known for quality production , successful domestic and international spa equipment retailing among this industry, vocational schools, beauty centers, and leading hospitals.   
    He graduated from the Bachelor’s degree in Management (Marketing) at Ramkhamhaeng University and earned the Master’s degree in M.B.A. at Rangsit University as well as the Master’s degree in M.P.P.M. at National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA). Besides that, he took a field trip to foreign countries. Upon completion of pharmacy degree and medicine degree at Thai Traditional Medicine Development Foundation, Ministry of Public Health, he earned Thai Traditional Medicine License of Medicine, Pharmacy and Obstetrics etc.



    Acting Lt. Teerapol said about the background of this business, “ My family starting my father generation has been running the business about manufacturing, selling and repairing foot massager chair, Thai massage mattress, aroma bed (oil  bed), massage chairs for back, shoulder, and head, Yoga mats, spa equipment for about 30 years. I have been earning my experience for all this time as my precious value. Until now, I can run my business as a manufacturer, seller, repairer of the massage and the spa equipment.”

    The products of T. Nanta (Spa) are widely well-received nowadays as the store unstoppably studies the market’s needs to follow the trend. Lt. Teerapol focuses on the manufacturing process saying, “All raw materials for manufacturing are in my country and processed by the spa equipment specialists. I prioritize the standard quality.So finished goods are quality check again before them are released.


    A Quality Control (Q. C.) for all customers of T.Nanta (Spa) offered the highest quality products worth a price. Once quality-certified, products are advertised automatically warmly welcomed by all those customers at T.Nanta (Spa) to buy such as private and public hospital, career development center, universities,  business owners as well as individuals including foreigners.  For all these years, the products of T. Nanta (Spa) have been well-received from other public and private organizations; additionally, the products are counted on by various institutes such as Thai Traditional Medicine Development Foundation, The Government Pharmaceutical Organization, Ministry of Public Health, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, Bangkok Hospital, and APEC meeting at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center on 12-21 October 2003.  In the year of 2004 to 2005, the market tended to progress because the public sectors can fully administer, and the private sectors could adjust to the world’s current affairs in a good direction.”

   For those wishing to purchase spa-exclusive equipment for both house and spa center, dial the number for more advise about the products. The store provided more special delivery of the products nationwide and internationally for retailers and direct customers.
   The products of T. Nanta (Spa) is certified by 5 star OTOP available for full-set product manufacturing and retailing of spa equipment, Thai massage, foot massage, and many more world-delivery premium quality products by the Ministry of Public Health’s Therapeutic License earning doctors.
   We are experienced producers for more than 33 years (2001). Each product is produced based on anatomy where is a specialty of ours with the approved Therapeutic License, the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand.
   We emphasize on the quality of the products as a symbol of T.Nanta (Spa). We aim to research and develop new products as well as provide one-stop service for the products which are internationally certified with global delivery. Our customers are our important individuals who should receive the best quality products.

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