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Thank you for your visit my website. 
We are Thailand product champion 5 stars
(OTOP 5 stars) Make to Order Manufacture and Distributor by License in Thai traditional doctor.

Support (supply)Spa equipment (aroma bed) Massage mattress 
Foot massage chairs etc. Good design high quality World wide delivery

T.NANTA (SPA) had built all spa products for about thirty years (2001). 
We had experience and conforming to the ergonomic. We got 
License from ministry of public health from 
Thailand government. Such as
License in Thai traditional medical doctor
License in Thai traditional pharmacy doctor
License in Thai traditional midway doctor
The typical t.nanta (spa) characteristic of quality consciousness

We had researched & development new product and support (supply) to achieve 
Integrated solution

We are export it to the international 

The customers are most important person and we would like to get the high quality products for our customers.
For Future the information, please contact us thank you.

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